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Largest Selection of Prayer Rugs in the USA

About Us

Islamic Prayer Rug USA: The largest online retailer of prayer rugs in the USA!Turkish Prayer Rug Carpet Factory

Prayer is an important part of every Muslim's daily routine. We understand how important it is for you and your family to make your daily salaat on quality, beautiful prayer rugs that fit your budget.

Our large selection of prayer rugs ensures that there is something for every taste, and every budget. Looking for an inexpensive prayer mat to travel with? A basic rug for everyday use? A luxurious carpet to give as a gift? We have something for everyone!

Our business is located in Dallas, Texas, but we ship all over the USA as well as worldwide. Our prayer rugs are all made in Turkey, where the best prayer rugs in the world are made.

Have questions? You can contact us at info@islamicprayerrug.com. We also offer wholesale!