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Product Image Al Ankabut Surah 45 Canvas 20 x 28cm H11105

Al Ankabut Surah 45 Canvas 20 x 28cm H11105

$ 29.98

Canvas Art Print - Al Ankabut Surah, from Quran 29:45.
It reads "(O Prophet), recite the Book that has been revealed to you and establish Prayer. Surely Prayer forbids indecency and evil. And Allah's remembrance is of even greater merit. Allah knows all that you do."
Script on a background of Turkish ecru water marbling.
Size: 20 x 28cm (11.8 x 17.7in).
Material: Replicate artwork printed on cotton canvas stretched over wood.
Made in Turkey

To help you find the prayer rug that's best for you, we use a rating scale for our prayer rugs. Each one is numbered between 1 (thinnest) and 10 (thickest). See the Product Description for the rating of the current rug.

1: The thinnest prayer mats we have. Generally made of nylon, and best used for traveling

2: Very thin, woven

3: Thin, woven

4: Medium thickness, woven

5: The thickest woven prayer mats we have

6: The thinnest 'plush' or pile carpets we have; these are also often described as 'velvet' rugs

7: Thin Plush

8: Medium Thickness Plush

9: Thick Plush

10: The thickest, plushest prayer rugs we've ever seen. This doesn't mean there aren't thicker prayer rugs out there, just that we've never seen them.