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Largest Selection of Prayer Rugs in the USA

Product Image Travel Belt for Hajj and Umrah

Travel Belt for Hajj and Umrah

$ 9.99

A convenient travel belt that is perfect for your Hajj or Umrah journey!

Contains three compartments:

  • Two zippered pockets
  • One expandable middle pocket with Velcro closure

Zippered pockets are perfect for flat items such as passport and money, while expandable pocket works great for bulkier items like tesbih.

Can be worn as a normal belt; wear it underneath clothing for maximum security.

Material: Imitation leather

To help you find the prayer rug that's best for you, we use a rating scale for our prayer rugs. Each one is numbered between 1 (thinnest) and 10 (thickest). See the Product Description for the rating of the current rug.

1: The thinnest prayer mats we have. Generally made of nylon, and best used for traveling

2: Very thin, woven

3: Thin, woven

4: Medium thickness, woven

5: The thickest woven prayer mats we have

6: The thinnest 'plush' or pile carpets we have; these are also often described as 'velvet' rugs

7: Thin Plush

8: Medium Thickness Plush

9: Thick Plush

10: The thickest, plushest prayer rugs we've ever seen. This doesn't mean there aren't thicker prayer rugs out there, just that we've never seen them.