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Largest Selection of Prayer Rugs in the USA

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Young Child Thin Prayer Mat - Red

$ 4.99

Small Islamic prayer rug that is great for young children.

Red with white / creme design; has a light shimmer

Durable, canvas-like material.

Thickness Rating: 4

Approx size: 34 x 68cm  (13 x 26.75 in) with 4cm fringe on each end.

Made in Turkey.

To help you find the prayer rug that's best for you, we use a rating scale for our prayer rugs. Each one is numbered between 1 (thinnest) and 10 (thickest). See the Product Description for the rating of the current rug.

1: The thinnest prayer mats we have. Generally made of nylon, and best used for traveling

2: Very thin, woven

3: Thin, woven

4: Medium thickness, woven

5: The thickest woven prayer mats we have

6: The thinnest 'plush' or pile carpets we have; these are also often described as 'velvet' rugs

7: Thin Plush

8: Medium Thickness Plush

9: Thick Plush

10: The thickest, plushest prayer rugs we've ever seen. This doesn't mean there aren't thicker prayer rugs out there, just that we've never seen them.